News And Updates

The Silver Jubilee Conference is proudly presented by the Western Faculty of FCGP’s

Fiji Medical Association(FMA) is combining with the College for the first time on this historical occasion

The theme is reflecting on the ever changing scene on health care and what is expected by 2025 as we strive to collaborate and join forces with all the stakeholders but ultimately working towards the goal of the most effective primary health care of all the people of Fiji to be delivered by the GP’s

FCGP has steadfastly progressed with the aims and objectives as laid down in the constitution and represents all the GP’s in Fiji (currently just over 150)

One of our core objectives is CME that is now commonly termed QI and CDP (Quality Improvement and Continuing Development Programs). To ensure this role FCGP encourages, supports and facilitates regular seminars and workshops throughout the country

The 3 arms of the College namely Western, Central and Northern Faculties are actively engaged and organizes QI & CPD activities. Apart from that every district has local chapters that meets every month for what is commonly ka Journal Clubs

All activities are vetted by the Censor-in-Chief to award points that is centrally collated by the FCGP Secretariat

Annual conventions remains the most exciting event attracting well over 100 members for 3 days of “learning with leisure”. It’s the time to review and renew our strengths and weaknesses and it’s the time to spend a well-earned weekend or a break and unwind with family and friends

The highlight of this conference is the social cultural and family night that will be held on Sat 1st July. Will also have some entertainment on Friday night following the official convocation program

Many ex Fiji doctors residing overseas(mainly Australia and New Zealand) have shown interest to attend as well as present papers, conduct workshops etc. As a backdrop, the conference will also serve as a great re-union

Scientific program

We are blessed to have Emeritus Professor John Murtagh, AM, as our Special Guest of Honor and Speaker along with Prof Leon Piterman of Melbourne

John is perhaps the most widely read (and heard) GP whose books are internationally recognized. We have lined up many more eminent speakers from NZ, Australia and Fiji.

Some of the confirmed speakers include Kampta Samalia (Urologist, Dunedin), Shunil Sharma (Rheumatologist,Gold Coast), Michael Sorokin, (GP and Travel Consultant, Adelaide), Ajay Kumar (Physician, Auckland), Shunil Sharma (Rheumatologist), Anis Yusuf (Anesthetist), Sanjay Ramrakha (Surgeon), Asha Sai, GP. Dr Mary Schramm (Retired Gynecologist, Suva), Gyaneshwar Rao (Physician, Suva), Dhinesh Lal (Gastroenterologist, Auck) …….

The conference offers diverse CPD opportunities including clinical sessions, procedural workshops, scientific exhibits, paper presentations, practice management sessions and much more

A tent program will be published shortly